Why PYT?

Looking for Flat Iron or Professional Hair Straightener for Hair Styling? This is the right place! Using PYT top rated flat iron for Hair styling, you can style your hair in one touch and see the shine comes back to your hair! Thanks to our innovative technologies for hair care- far-infrared heat (also known as Bio Ionic straighteners), negative ions and Turbo Boost heat, your hair will not only look good but feels even better -as it gives you ultra-smooth silky hair with the touch of a Straightener!

Infrared Flat Iron

The infrared flat iron (infrared hair straightener) collection is the perfect choice for your hair. This is the top technology for a flat iron, that releases infrared heat directly on the hair and gets the heat into the core of the Hair.

You can see the infrared stripes in the Ceramic plates of the infrared hair straightener. The Ions help to heat the hair from the inside and use less heat on the outside. This is the reason that also professional salons use the infrared flat iron collection.

The infrared flat iron is the Professional's choice for styling tools:

  • bio ionic flat iron is fast - due to the Far infrared technology and Turbo Boost technology, you need only one pass on the hair, any type of hair, to get it styled
  • the bio ionic hair straightener had digital LCD screen for temperature control, temperature lock and auto shut off, all for the best convenient use
  • 100% top-rated Tourmaline infused ceramic plates that generate far-infrared heat.

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Ceramic Flat Iron 

Get curls and ringlets effortlessly! The ceramic flat iron collection is the best seller for hair straightener. This is fast and easy to use, heat up fast, made of 100% Tourmaline coating Ceramic Plates - ceramic hair straightener has 33% faster heating time.

The professional ceramic flat iron is lightweight and easy to use ensuring professional and fast styling like in the salon! 

The ceramic flat iron collection heats up from 60°C to 230°C, and you can adjust the temperature to your hair. For light think lower temperature, and for difficult hair higher temperature.

Each ceramic hair straightener was tested by Salons and hairdressers, and come with 2 years warranty, that can be extended.

If you are looking for a professional ceramic flat iron, don't compromise for quality, choose PYT, with the inbuilt infrared technology which allows the plate to reach the desired temperature uniformly (up to 230°C), ensuring professional and fast styling at the same time.

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Titanium Flat Iron

One inch titanium flat iron collection is the most basic hair styling tool you NEED to have in your tool box!

The extra high-grade titanium plates maintains constant heat for consistent and fast results, and with the Turbo Boost heat technology, the titanium hair straightener is still one of the most wanted product!

So if you are looking for a basic titanium flat iron, with PYT you won't compromise on the results - The titanium plates help you avoid hot spots, so you're able to get a consistent "straighten" without pieces that stay frizzy or curly because they don't take the heat correctly. Especially suitable for coarse thick hair types.

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PYT Curling Iron

All our Curlers are made of 100% solid ceramic and coated with tourmaline and reach a maximum temperature of 230 °C, unlike almost all the irons that reach up to 400-460 ° and burn the hair. using a temperature of 180 °C, ideal for all types of hair.

In addition, all our irons use infrared technology - electromagnetic radiation with a low frequency band. Infrared radiation creates negative ions that stimulate the oils present inside the hair shaft, bringing them to the surface. In this way the water molecules present in the air are broken and transformed into steam. This vapor enters the hair and remains trapped, thus managing to hydrate it.

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