Warranty information

  • How long does my warranty last?

The guarantee of PYT electronic products is valid only in the event of proof of the fiscal purchase: (for professional use, copy of the invoice; for private use, copy of the receipt or tax receipt). The guarantee is also valid only for products originally produced and marketed by the PYT Hair brand. 

PYT products purchased by hairdressers for salon use (professional) are covered by a 1 year warranty.

Products purchased by private individuals for personal use are covered by a 1-year warranty, Lifetime - in the case of extension of the warranty after purchasing the aforementioned product. During this period we are required to repair or replace the failed product.

If your product has defects that do not involve warranty coverage, the product could still be repairable: in this case you will be contacted for a repair quote and we will proceed to repair only with written consent to the same to be sent by email: info@pyrhairstyle.com.


  • How can I request an intervention of my product under warranty?

In order to request a warranty service, the product must fall within the warranty period (as specified above) and the proof of purchase must be presented as indicated in point 1. The plates are only repaired at our service center and by technicians. qualified and authorized PYT. PYT is exempt from any kind of responsibility for the operation of the plates repaired outside our service center.

For assistance with your PYT product, please contact PYT Hair Style at info@pyrhairstyle.com, attaching the relevant purchase documentation as specified in point 1 and photos of the damaged product. We also send you all the information regarding your personal data (including a telephone number for any contact).
Once we receive the information, we will contact you to ship the product to our service center.


  • Are there any limitations on the warranty?

Yes. The warranty does not cover defects deriving from bad and /or incorrect use, from external causes (for example, use of inappropriate current, shocks and falls etc.), from neglect and from improper use. The warranty also does not cover defects caused by tampering or repair and /or attempted maintenance by technicians not authorized to repair PYT products. The warranty expires without a copy of the proof of purchase.

The warranty is also valid only for original products produced by PYT Hair. Products bearing the PYT mark but not produced in the PYT production plants are considered counterfeit and are immediately sent back to the owner with shipment at his expense and with immediate notification to the local authorities  and PYTs right is reserved.