8 Bold Haircut Ideas to Try in 2024

8 Bold Haircut Ideas to Try in 2024

While there’s no specific time to reinvent yourself, the new year often inspires changes, whether it’s redecorating your home, picking up a new hobby, or, if you’re beauty-obsessed like us, trying a new haircut. The haircut trends of 2024 are diverse and make that first salon visit of the year more exciting than ever.

In the past year, ‘90s haircuts like the octopus and mixie were all the rage, but hairstylists predict a return to the longer, more flowing styles of the ‘70s. Jane Birkin-inspired bangs will be a staple, gracing foreheads from January to December.

Short crops will remain popular, but with a more relaxed twist. Expect natural waves in bobs and pixies, replacing the more polished styles like the bowl cut and mullet. This is great news for those who prefer a low-maintenance routine. However, for those who enjoy styling, the chin-length bob and halo cut will provide plenty of opportunities to use hot tools and brushes for the perfect shape.

Continue reading to discover the top haircut trends of 2024 along with expert tips for styling and maintaining your new look.

 Wavy Blunt Bob

Hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai notes a trend towards a more relaxed, “lived-in” look for bobs, with slightly tousled waves that mimic natural textures. This bob forgoes layers for blunt ends, adding an edgy, modern twist to the classic shape. For a wavy blunt bob, experts suggest asking your stylist to remove some weight at the ends to avoid bulkiness. Michael Dueñas, a Los Angeles-based hairstylist, recommends keeping the cut square to create height in the corners and push the hair forward towards your face.

‘70s Birkin Bangs

Prepare for a ‘70s revival with Birkin Bangs. Inspired by the iconic Jane Birkin, this cut features full French bangs paired with collarbone-length or longer hair. This look complements the resurgence of vintage styles and adds a timeless touch to your hair.

Chin-Length Bob

The chin-length bob is set to take off in 2024. This jaw-skimming length and chin-framing shape create a short, clean, and playful look that is both stylish and eye-catching. You can wear it sleek and straight or add some texture for a tousled effect. Celebrities like Lori Harvey and Issa Rae showcase how versatile this style can be.

Halo Cut

The halo cut is an ethereal style that resembles a more relaxed version of the bowl cut. With a loose, round shape that arches below the brows and opens up at the cheekbones, this face-framing haircut can be cropped at the chin or sit at the collarbone. Fekkai suggests subtle layers to allow for movement and curved bangs to frame your face beautifully.

 Curly Pixie

The classic pixie is getting a flirty update with curly bangs. Dubbed “The Swish” by Sunnie Brooke, this look features a sweeping fringe that softly crosses the forehead. It’s perfect for those with naturally wavy hair, requiring minimal styling. A few spritzes of texturizer can define your curls and keep your bangs in place.

 Eyelash Bangs

Expect to see long, wispy eyelash bangs that almost reach your eyelashes, creating a mysterious and sexy vibe. For functionality, ask your stylist to leave the middle of your bangs a bit shorter and wispier while keeping the sides long to blend with the rest of your hair.

Round Curly Cut

Enhance your natural curls with a round curly cut. This versatile style shapes the face and makes curls look fuller and more uniform. Whether you prefer a shoulder-length rounded cut like Yara Shahidi’s or a tighter-shaped afro like Ice Spice’s, this cut celebrates the beauty of textured hair.

 Polished Shag

A sophisticated take on the shaggy bob, the polished shag features longer, straighter layers for a refined look. Internal layers throughout the bottom of your hair create volume and movement. For a more dramatic effect, add wispy bangs and flip the ends with a flat iron for a retro touch.

Butterfly Layers

Butterfly layers beautifully frame the face with soft, flattering layers that offer movement and volume. Ask your stylist for angled or face-framing layers to remove weight and create a volumized look. For maximum volume, use a round brush dryer with a light mousse to style this cut, creating the signature butterfly look.

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